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If you've ever visited the Far East, you'll have seen the countless scooters that people rely on as their main mode of transport for working people. It's time we switched on here too, and you should take a look at the straightforward and affordable Ecooter E1R.

As part of a commitment to reduce pollution and emissions, several Asian governments are promoting electric scooters - with China being the largest and leading producer worldwide. It is estimated that over the next 5 years, the electric scooter market will be worth around $12billion. Wow! So whether you're a petrol head or not, electric scooters will become more and more popular; people are now realising that you can get a top quality, reliable and affordable scooter with cheap running costs.

Clean, green and a quick machine! With a range of around 100 kms (62 miles), e-scooters offer a great alternative to their usual commute in a busy city. The UK market is really in its infancy, only a few options are available right now but sales are steadily increasing.

The Ecooter E1R has a top speed of around 80km/h or 50mph and a range of around 60 miles, it has a lithium battery, which can be removed for charging and is ideal for anybody wanting to travel to work without the expense and effort of an electric bicycle. It costs £2,640 (including the government grant), which is comparable or less than the costs of the high end e-bikes available on the market.

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