Ecooter designed to meet public demand for lowering carbon footprint

In response to increasing demand for electric PTWs, Ecooter are now recruiting interested dealers and offering test rides across the South of the Country. Please get in touch if you want to join the network on 01507 523900.

The first scooter available in the UK and Ireland is the E1R L3e - which can reach around 50mph, acclerates from 0-50km/h in just 4.5 seconds and has a battery range of up to 150km. The rates power is 4.2kW and there is a self-protection battery monitoring system, plus the battery can be charged in the scooter or taken out to charge directly.

With LED lights, and a built in phone charge, plus app to provide real-time GPS location - this scooter is high quality and high specification.

MD of Ecooter UK, said "We have extremely high expectations for the Ecooter. We are looking for dealers who are already experienced with electric scooters and motorbikes but who want to earn a better margin, who also want brand and showroom support."

Here at Ecooter UK, we will be rolling out our showroom merchandising over the next 12 months with committed dealers who want to progress their business and showroom.

It's just a matter of time for electric - the market will grow as the major manufacturers push to introduce electric models. Technology is evolving and the distance we can cover on electric vehicle means they aren't just a city vehicle anymore.

Here in the UK, the government have pledged to ban conventional vehicles by 2040, so we don't have a choice but to turn on to electric!

With the government still backing the plug-in grant for electric motorcycles and mopeds means that there is no reason not to buy - customers can purchase a scooter with more features than the petrol equivalent and they have very low maintenance and running costs.

Although, here the team are fans of the smell of petrol, road racing and two-strokes - as many people are in the industry - there are more and more people in the UK who are conscious of their carbon footprint, who want to reduce air and noise pollution, so there are customers who choose electric.

We can no longer ignore this sector of the motorcycle market, sales are rapidly increasing and Ecooter as a brand wants to be in front of the competition.

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