Electric Mopeds in the UK

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

No doubt that things have changed over the past few months. In many ways, things have ground to a halt but we are slowly coming back to some form of normality.

There has been a popularity rise in electric scooters and moped being used for home deliveries, due to increased demand in online shopping. All over the country, we've seen electric moped being used to deliver all sorts of goods to customers who cannot leave their homes and it helps that in doing so, these journeys are carbon neutral and quiet too.

In the UK, the trends and demand for electric moped have certainly been slower here than in the rest of Europe, where an electric moped or scooter is commonplace. Hopefully, a positive out of the COVID19 pandemic is that more people are riding safely on new electric mopeds that have zero emissions.

Ecooter are here to help you avoid being crammed on the tram, train or bus - instead compare your daily commute cost (including your time), with the cost of an electric moped or electric scooter and you might be pleasantly surprised. Don't forget, you can also use this vehicle to get around not just for work and it's convenient, you can get up and go whenever suits you. No waiting or working to transport schedules.

Choose Ecooter for all performance, zero emissions.

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