Electric Scooter: Safe Riding Tips for Beginners

Many of us riding scooters and motorcycles fortunately don't experience an accident but at the end of the day, there are some riders who do. Therefore, we have put together some helpful advice to help you out on the road.

  • Ride within your own limits

  • Always wear protection

  • Look where you're going and don't get distracted

  • Maintain your scooter

  • Assume you are invisible and plan your escape route.

Ride within your own limits:

Many accidents happen because people speed, don't pay attention or get over confident. In our experience, it has been other drivers (not on two wheels) who have caused accidents. Don't push yourself, especially if you are riding in a group or just with another person. By pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, you could end up crashing.

Always wear protection:

Yes, it might be obvious but protect your head, and do so with a top quality helmet with a good safety rating. In the case that you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a crash, you give yourself the best chance of walking away unharmed. Our recommendation is to wear all the gear (even if you have no idea) and make sure it fits probably. Those scars from tarmac take a lot of healing, pain and discomfort so wear your protective jacket (with all the lining and the body armour that's in the jacket - don't remove it). Invest in good fitting boots and protective jeans or trousers, as well as gloves which will protect and keep you dry and warm in the cold wet British weather. Plus, why spend lots of money to buy jackets, trousers and gloves, and then not wear them?

Look where you're going and don't get distracted:

A bit obvious, but always look at where you're going as you'll naturally point the scooter in the right direction. Looking to your left, right or down at the road right in front of you will take your scooter off in that direction. Always stay in your lane, do this when you're making a turn as the oncoming traffic don't always see you. Don't get stuck directly behind a lorry or truck, which will obstruct your view and their vehicle will hide you from other motorists - keep your distance, check your mirrors and identify any potential hazards. Remember our other tip - assume you are invisible and plan your escape route.

Maintain your scooter:

Keep up with your recommended service schedules and check over the scooter yourself before you ride. If, for example, you have low pressure in your tyres, this could lead to a tyre blowout, and it could mean the difference between you stopping in time and not. Simple checks could help you avoid a nasty accident - are all of your lights and indicators working? Have you checked your brake pad wear, don't let them get down to the metal, get a replacement set of brake pads so you can still brake safely. Lever adjustment, handlebar grips, joints and bolts should also be checked, tightened, with grip and lubed up. Nobody wants a loose bolt coming out so do those checks.

Assume you are invisible and plan your escape route:

So, after a few close calls with driver on their phones or people not looking, you might already do this or fall into the habit, but I now make an escape plan when on my scooter.

If you can plan your escape to get safely away from someone braking sharply, overtaking on the other side or people stepping out on you, then you will be much less likely to be involved in an accident.

There are many more tips we could give, these are just some important tips we hope will help you as a beginner. Once you're on the road in the correct gear and you've had your training, you become responsible for your own safety. Take care, be prepared and enjoy!

For information on CBT motorcycle and moped training, have a look at the GOV.UK website:

To find your local CBT training school, enter your postcode here:

There are also helpful tips available on the Internet, we found the RAC guide helpful, which you can find the link for here:

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