How reliable are Chinese made scooters and bikes?

There has been an increase in popularity of electric scooters and electric motorcycles too. So can you trust a Chinese made electric vehicle? In short, you can trust a Chinese manufacturer just as much as any other producer.

In China, they have been making and using electric scooters for many many years - longer than we have here in the UK, and in their hundreds of thousands. You might see 10-20 electric scooters travelling down one small stretch of road in China. They are relatively inexpensive and well tried and tested there. The difference is the brand and this is where you will see a variation in high and low quality (just as in any country).

China being at the forefront of the electric scooter revolution really has meant they are ahead in terms of technology and in reducing the cost. The higher the demand, the more are made and so the cost of building these scooters has come down over the years. A battery no longer costs as much as the scooter to replace and this is because hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens rely on them every day.

What you'll discover is that Chinese made electric bikes and scooters have stronger and longer lasting batteries. People across China use theirs for several hours a day, because it is not uncommon for people to use their bikes or scooters for transport to work and to the shops. Electric bikes and scooters tend to use rear hub motors as well as centre hub, built to be robust so that they last many years.

What you might already know is that the phone in your hand, or the laptop you are reading this on, is made in China. A lot of electrical products are made somewhere in China because the cost of production is lower than elsewhere. They can also produce something quickly and on mass. Being that Chinese citizens choose electric scooters everyday, and have done so for many years already, there are many good reasons to buy an electric scooter made in China, which is why Chinese made electric bikes are becoming a big part of our market here in the UK.

If you do choose to buy one, do your homework and find out about the warranty and backup. Are the UK importers holding spare parts in stock and what are the warranty terms? Is the dealer selling to you a reputable business with other reviews? What do they know about the brand?

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