Riding A Scooter At Night

Riding a moped or scooter at night can be very satisfying, with the roads (usually) being less crowded and distractions engulfed into the darkness, nevertheless you do have to take some extra precautions to make riding safe as well as satisfying.

Here you’ll find our top tips for riding once the sun's gone down and you’re out in the dark.

  • Can you see clearly?

Obviously you need a clear visor, without tint. However, it is equally as important to make sure it’s free from scratches and clean. It’s best to make sure you have clear vision without any scratches, which can distort your vision and make oncoming headlights difficult to see.

  • Make sure others can see you

Florescent and/or reflective clothing can really make a difference to others on the road. It might not be the most fashionable look, but it definitely helps you to be seen out in the dark.

  • Headlight on

OK, this might be obvious but drive with your headlights on and even better, keep it clean. We know it’s a pain in the cold and mostly wet nights to check and give it a good clean, but it can make a surprising difference to what you can see, and how well others see you.

  • Cat’s eyes

These are a helpful guide at night to hint at what is ahead. Cat’s eyes show you corners and twists in the road and also show you if it is legal to overtake. Double white lines have a heavier concentration of cat’s eyes. Motorways have different colour cat’s eyes – red on the hard shoulder, amber on the outside lane, green on slip roads.

  • Pay Attention

In the dark it can be difficult to spot potential danger ahead but your other senses can help. You can smell damp and wet, mud or fertilised fields – these may present themselves further down the road or indicate the conditions, which can help you to prepare in advance that you should slow down. Prepare for the worst case scenario and always look for an escape plan in case you need to use it.

As the nights warm up and the daylight is still here at 6pm, it's the ideal excuse to maximise your time out on your scooter or mo. Enjoy riding, be safe and have fun.

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