The Future of Ecooter

Ecooter have big plans as a brand - they have exclusive distributors across Europe (their first main focus market) with massive sales figures in Holland, France and Spain. They have 25 years of motorcycle manufacturing experience, and the only manufacturer to produce a centre motor.

Ecooter wants to be the leading electric scooter brand – a huge ambition, but one we are carefully building towards.

The first scooter available here in the UK and Ireland is the E1R L3e – which can reach around 80km/h or 50mph, with the battery range being around 150km (dependent on speed and other various factors). The rated power is 4.2kw (or 4200W), LED lights, phone charging, a self-protection battery monitor system (BMS) and the acceleration from 0-50km is just 4.5 seconds.

Main features of the Ecooter E1R:

- It can be charged in the scooter or taken out to charge directly.

- It uses the Gates Carbon Fibre drive belt for more torque than any other on the market.

- Inspired by the landing gear of an aeroplane, the advanced design single inverted piston offers greater confidence and control in the most demanding of manoeuvres.

- Utilises ERS F1 technology – with a built in energy recovery system to dramatically increase the scooters overall efficiency.

- It has an app for real time information, including GPS location and tyre pressure monitors.

- Changeable customisable colour dashboard.

- Trusted by over 100,000 owners worldwide already.

We here at Ecooter UK have extremely high expectations for the Ecooter products and look forward to being a major player in the ever growing electric sector of the motorcycle/moped market.

It’s only a matter of time for electric - the market will grow as the other major manufacturers push to bring out and introduce electric models. Technology is evolving and the distance we can cover on electric vehicles means they aren’t just a city vehicle anymore. It seems that as time goes on, and all of the homologation rules develop, we don’t have a choice but to make the most of electric, in 2017 the UK government announced a conventional vehicle ban by 2040, so fossil-fuelled vehicles will be scrapped, and hybrids or pure EVs will be the only new cars we can buy. The fact that the government are still backing the grant for electric motorcycles and mopeds, also means we have no reason not to buy – customers can buy a scooter with more features than the petrol equivalent and they have very low maintenance and running costs too.

Although, we here at Ecooter UK are fans of the smell of petrol, road racing and 2 strokes, (as many who already own motorcycles probably are), there are more and more people in the UK who are conscious of their carbon footprint; who want to reduce air and noise pollution, so there are more customers than ever who are choosing electric. We can’t ignore this sector of the motorcycle market, sales are rapidly increasing and Ecooter as a brand wants to be in front of the competition.

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