The NEW Ecooter E2 Max Is Revealed!

The E2 Max is expected to reach speeds of 90km/h + (56mph) and features a newly designed more mechanical style dashboard and handlebars.

Available with dual batteries, it means the E2 Max is likely to have a range of 180km with just one charge. As with the other models in the range, the E2 Max will have a smart wireless start key, USB charging point, LED lights, I/O smart controller and Ecooter App connectivity.

You can get real time data, change the dashboard colours and update your scooter by App without having to take it to your local dealer. The dashboard is also fitted with a light sensor which means the brightness automatically adjusts depending on driving conditions.

What is different with the new E2 Max?

A high performance CBS system, a larger 35L under seat storage compartment, 165Nm of torque, 180km dual battery range, new aluminium dual shock absorbers for an even better ride, a new high carbon alloy frame provides a super strength durable chassis made by robots not by hand, a new upgraded motor for higher performance alongside a new high efficiency controller to get the maximum from the motor - all improvements on the E1 and E2.

Watch the video on our YouTube channel:

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