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Ecooter is a worldwide specialist in electric vehicles. For over 25 years, Ecooter have produced engines, developed technology and advanced our own designs.

Our advantage over competitors is the motor, speed and driving ergonomics. Having spent over three years developing our own custom technologically advanced centre motor, we are award-winning frontiers: the Ecooter designs have been recipients of the prestigious Product of the Year Award in Excellence and Outstanding Product of the Year Award for their technology, applications and design from the Annual Scientific Product Awards 2017.

The E1 scooter uses an innovative independent centre motor, unique in design and developed in-house. Using an independent centre motor means that the Ecooter electric vehicles can reach higher speeds, even quicker than the competition. These scooters have a complete intelligence structure, including an energy recovery system (ERS), tyre pressure monitors and real time app offering multiple functions.

Ecooter has seen rapid growth since exhibiting at international shows, now selling to more than 35 countries with more than 3000 dealers across the world.

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