Why choose electric?

Progress into the world of electric, low-carbon, green transport. Beat rush hour traffic on your scooter: the Ecooter is lightweight and nimble so manoeuvring and parking is easy. You also have reverse so you can get out of every parking space!

Electric scooters are quiet but have instant power and torque to get you moving with and in front of the traffic. Thinking about your commute, how much do you spend?

With the Ecooter electric mopeds, there's no road tax or congestion charges to pay because these scooters are green! The average cost is around 1p per mile, when you compare that to a petrol equivalent, which is £1 per mile, this is not just a green option but a cost effective solution to your everyday commute.

Plus, unlike petrol mopeds and scooters, there's a lot to pay out for servicing and repairs; there is no oil to replace or expensive engine parts, the only real costs are standard wear and tear items like brakes and tyres. Save your money and buy your electric Ecooter today.

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