Ecooter E1R

Ecooter E1R

The Ecooter E1R is available now - with the top speed around 80km/h (50mph), immediate on demand power and zero emissions! Within the L3e category, this electric scooter is equivalent to a 125cc scooter, so you can ride this with a valid CBT.

0-30mph in 4.5 seconds. The powerful and ultra compact E1 engine redefines electric motor technology, with each component precisely configured to ensure a smarter and more efficient system. The E1R uses the Gates carbon belt to drive the power of the motor to offer an unparallelled driving experience.

Inspired by the landing gear of an airplane, Ecooter uses a single steering stem and aluminium high tech rear shock absorber.

Keyless control is as standard with the E1R with a power on/off button plus smart app to give total control, and real time GPS information. Another great feature is the reverse function, no need to wheel your scooter back out of the garage, the scooter will do it for you.

80-100 km per charge from this 4.2kw engine, using Samsung cells in the removable battery, which is covered under warranty for 3 years or 30,000kms, whichever comes soonest. The ERS (energy recovery system) recovers energy back to the battery to keep it charged, and the BMS (battery management system) protects it from overheating, overcharging and over discharging.


RRP £3299 inc VAT + on the road charges.

With the government grant, RRP is just £2640 + on the road charges!

  • Specification

    • 4200W (4.2kW) aluminium magnet smart motor for full torque
    • Gates Carbon Drive belt for direct power delivery
    • Removable lithium 64V40Ah battery with Samsung cells (you can charge it directly into the scooter or at a charging point)
    • Front and rear CBS brake system with hydraulic disc brakes
    • High specification shock absorber
    • Top speed around 80km/h or 50mph
    • Range approximately 150km or 94 miles (without load at 40km/h)
    • Integrated streamline smart dash with adjustable colour scheme and auto-dim/brightness according to the riding conditions
    • Aluminium single arm inverted front fork
    • LED lights with wide lighting area
    • Integrated tail light with enhanced brightness for safer riding
    • BMS (battery management system) for temperature, over charging and over-discharging protection
    • High quality alloy steel frame for durability and a comfortable ride
    • Comfort cushioned seat
    • Keyless control
    • Smart, sport or reverse mode
    • USB connectivity
    • 4 hour charge time (80% charge)
    • Front / Rear Wheels: 2.5x12 / 2.75x12 aluminium alloy
    • Front / Rear Tyres: 100-60 / 100-60
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 1750 x 645 x 1075mm
    • Wheelbase: 1260mm
    • Seat Height: 730mm
    • Distance from floor to handlebar: 740mm
    • Max load: 160kg
    • IOS and Android smartphone app compatible.

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